Friday, January 18, 2019

Final Project

Character Design! Final Project

I did not run into many problems while creating this website except for the bullet point images. I couldn't get them to be small enough to fit on the website, but after backing away for a few minutes and looking at it, I figured that if the squiggle (the shape of the bullet point) were hanging off the side, it would look more interactive and interesting. I especially liked how the home page turned out. I also love my color scheme. I used to find it and I think it worked really nicely. However if I was able to do this over and had more time, I would create more pictures and add to my keywords! All of them were made by me and I think it would be nice to have more examples.

Character Design!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Travel Project - Fiji

Travel Project Reflection

When I was working on my Project I didn't realize how many people would pick Fiji. I picked Fiji because that is the country I represent in International Studies. I encountered many challenges with adding fonts and colors but I eventually fixed them by taking them out of my style containers and typing most of the fonts and colors into the actually paragraph tag. I also had trouble getting my background tiles to load. Turns out it just takes a while for x10 to load them in. I am very proud of the logo that I created and am surprised that the images for the bullet points actually showed up the first time. I'm also very proud of my color scheme, the green was a last minute touch to compliment the greenery in the photos. Over all, I am happy how the piece turned out!

Fiji Travel Project